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Arc Spray Engineering provides turnkey solutions for restoring mining and mineral processing components since 2011. We have many in-house repair techniques and will choose the most suitable method to restore your components and equipment to their original condition. We are committed to quality, timeline and R&D which will continue to provide excellent value for money to our clients.

Our customers are based all over Australia from one-off private customers or country workshops, to large mining, oil & gas and engineering companies.

Our continual improvement programs and R&D lab ensure we are on the leading edge in our field and will continue to be recognized as the most professional operators in Australia – Please see our range of services and send any inquiries as we welcome new challenges. We provide quality, prompt and competitively priced services.

Go Green

Sustainability and Circular economy

World Steel Association survey indicates that making every ton of steel emits average of 1.85 ton of carbon dioxide (CO2) which is an equivalent of 8 percent of global CO2 emissions.

Surface modification or repairing is now regarded as a key and environmentally friendly technique to design, rebuild and modify the properties of surfaces and restore/improve the characteristics of components. We have a range of surface modification techniques (Arc spray, HVOF, APS and Laser cladding) to restore component to their original dimensions, using the appropriate materials and process selection, we make metallic parts superior to OEM components to keep equipment running longer resulting in increased production.

We repair hundreds of tons of machinery components annually but we know there is a lot more going to scrap that could be saved using surface modification processes so we are trying to get the message out that, many machinery components can be repaired for a fraction of the replacement price using our sustainable surface modification process. In addition to the excessive price for new components, shipping delays (up to 120days) can result in additional downtime for the plant / equipment. However, we can usually restore components within 1-3 weeks to get regular operations up and running with minimal downtime.

If you are consciously trying to improve your environment and economy, please contact us to restore your components. With our range of materials selection, machining services, welding and surface modification techniques, we will deliver a great service that your company deserves.

Sustainability and Circular economy

Our Ethos

Our Mission Statement

Our Mission at Arc Spray Engineering is to provide customers with products and services of superior quality that offer value for money. We endeavour to grow in enterprise and to provide an atmosphere of success that translates to our employees and customers so they can achieve their goals.

Our Guarantee

Arc Spray Engineering Constitution

The customer is our key to success: it is a never ending pursuit to find out how we can serve our customers better. By taking care of our customers, we are taking care of our company, which in turn takes care of our personal needs. If you provide only what is expected, you will not get a reward or promotion. The rewards and promotions are reserved for ANYONE who goes above and beyond their duty to figure out how we can serve our customers better tomorrow than we did today.

Take small steps: We understands that big things often evolve from little things: but since you can’t tell ahead of time which little things will turn into big things, you have to try lots of things, keep the ones that work and learn from the ones that don’t.

Continual improvement in all the company does: In creating an environment that nurtures creativity and ideas, in quality, in customer service, in efficiency, in goal setting, in policies, in procedures, in R&D, into everything.

Responsibility beyond that of just making profit: We have a responsibility to our employees to recognise their dignity as human beings and to assure that they should share in the success which their hard work made possible.

We are proud of our successes, and we celebrate them. But the real excitement comes in figuring out how we can do even better in the future. It’s a never ending process of seeing how far we can go. There is no ultimate finish line where we can say “we have arrived”. We never want to be satisfied with our success, for that’s when we will begin to decline.

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